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Vince Milum is a veteran of the United States Army's Military Intelligence branch.  He is a law school graduate and holds a master's degree in business administration.  He is also a Chartered Property-Casualty Underwriter.

In addition to his geopolitical expertise, Vince is a renowned communications specialist both in the auditorium and one-on-one.  Vince is equally noted for his technical knowledge (e.g., about communications and entertainment systems) and his ability to design (budget-friendly) "intelligent" living and work environments.

In a word, Vince is America's paramount POLYMATH.

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For over ten years Vince Milum (a decorated military intelligence veteran of the United States Army) was the leader of a federally-recognized veterans’ service organization representing the men and women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces during the Cold War (1945-1991).
  He has also served in both of the following capacities:

·  Senior Underwriter in the Business Insurance industry and

·  National Manager for a leading Risk Management firm.

Mr. Milum’s academic credentials
include the following:

·  Law School Graduate of the University of Missouri (Juris Doctor Degree)

·  Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA) from Avila University of Kansas City

·  Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland

In addition, Mr. Milum has been awarded each of the following insurance industry designations:

·  Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU)

·  Associate in Risk Management (ARM)

·  Associate in Claims (AIC)

·  Associate in [Inland and Ocean] Marine Insurance Management (AMIM)

·  Associate in Surplus Lines Insurance (ASLI)




Milum's Advice to Those in Leadership Positions (and Those Who Aspire to Such Positions):

Regardless of what the "punditry class" or some "one-minute manager" may tell you, the world is a very complex place and solutions are NOT simple.  To be successful in the long-term (which is what really counts), one must consider a large range of factors.  In "Quantitative Analysis" terms, life (and all its subcomponents) is (are) a MULTI-variate equation.  Overlooking critical variables is what destroys individuals and families, as well as large corporations and even countries.

Again, in terms of quantitative analysis, when setting goals (that will withstand external forces), one needs to determine optimal solutions.  These are arrived at by maximizing outcomes AFTER considering relevant constraints.  Only AFTER identifying and addressing relevant constraints can one achieve (lasting) success.

Regardless of whether you choose to utilize our services, I encourage you to consider this approach to life and to leadership.

-Vince Milum, January 2018




Here are a few things others say about Vince:

"While I occasionally disagree with some of Vince's conclusions, I truly appreciate his tireless efforts to communicate important / factual information.  Vince's commitment to conveying truths stands in stark contrast to the 'fake news' constantly generated by the (so-called) 'mainstream' media, which I have quit watching altogether.  Keep up the good work, Vince I hope your audience continues to expand!"Dave Dubie, Retired Insurance Professional
One of Vince's strengths is his ability to approach topics from multiple viewpoints.  He is skilled at providing an accurate assessment of issues within their historical, contemporary, social, economic, and political contexts.  His approach enhances understanding of, and appreciation for, the true complexity of issues." — Rusty Norris, University Instructor

"To us who have a passion for trying to understand what is going on in the world, Vince is often our mentor.  After doing his due diligence as a political or social scientist, he enjoys sharing his insights with others.  He eschews pat answers or sloppy thinking and is not afraid of having his own conclusions challenged.  When he speaks there is almost always value to be gained from listening." — James A. Everett, Author and Former CIA Agent

"Vince is tireless in his efforts to get the word out about injustice in our country and in the world, especially when U.S. citizens have an unwitting part in it.  Thanks for your good work, Vince." — Andrea Whitmore, Humanitarian and Peace Activist

"The easiest way to describe Vince in intellectual terms is to call him a one-man 'think tank.'  There is nothing under the sky that one cannot talk to him about.  His ability to mentor and make us approach a subject from different angles is commendable.  On a personal note, I can only begin to express my gratitude for his making me the person I am today: a world citizen." — Lakshmi Kumar, Software Engineer and World Traveler 

"Vince is a man who uses a laser focus when questioning current events to understand their impact and meaning.  I have always enjoyed his thought-provoking statements concerning the issues of our times. In a crazy world where most leaders are misguided, it's great to have Vince share his unique and sound thoughts for navigating our troubled waters." — Ray Cessna, Computer Industry Leader 

"I agree with Vince regarding the problems facing the Middle East and truly appreciate the worth of his fact-finding efforts.  My only wish for Vince is that he be able to find the time to muster his considerable communications skill to help right the wrongs we are suffering here in Kansas." — Missy Taylor, Retired Teacher and Local Political Leader

"I have known Vince Milum for thirty years.  During this time, I have never ceased to marvel at how his analytical mind is constantly developing solutions to nearly everything facing humanity while taking all the foreseeable (and most unforeseeable) variables into consideration – this includes both objective and subjective data.  In so doing, his thoughts and actions are always governed by the highest standard of ethics.  His insights and friendship played a pivotal role in my success as an insurance industry professional." R.S. Siminis, Retired Insurance Agency Owner and Senior Brokerage Consultant with a major insurance company

"Those who support and advocate for peace and human rights, most often face criticism and challenges.  They have to have the strong moral character and courage to speak against the injustices, racism, inequality and bigotry.  I have found Vince Milum among the few who have the ability and resolve to take up such challenges.  He is also a community builder who seeks respectful relationships of cooperation and collaboration for good causes." Zulfiqar Malik, Editor of The Muslim News Digest (and proud "Honorary Cousin" of Vince)

"I find Vince’s opinions to be very well-researched. I do not find him on the 'Right' or on the 'Left'. He approaches every issue with an open-mind. Even though I don’t align with him on all issues, I find reading his tweets and various posts to be educational. His new podcast should prove interesting, as he always approaches a variety of topics, even religion. I will definitely continue to follow him on social media just to get his 'take' on the 'issues of the day'." — David Greene, Retired Finance Professional

"Dear Vince, I would love to comment since I have known you your entire life.  You may not remember but as a five year old I knew how to change your cloth diaper and warm up your baby bottle!  When you learned to talk and put sentences together, you amazed your parents and especially my parents your grandparents.  I personally wanted to put a sock in your mouth because suddenly you were the golden child and the first grandchild LOL.  I love to follow your writings and your dedication to your craft.  Keep up the hard work and thank you for keeping me informed about this ever-changing and sometimes frightening world.  Peace my dear nephew." Theresa Buchholtz, Retired Auto Executive and Aunt of Vince Milum (but young enough to be his cousin!)



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