Neoliberalism Destroyed America
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"America" (as a Nation) Ended in the 21st Century — Neoliberalism Destroyed It!
By Vincent E. Milum, J.D., MBA, CPCU
April 22, 2021

The following invocations of (insane) neoliberalism have functionally destroyed the nation that I was once proud to serve in both the U.S. Military and U.S. Intelligence:

• Permanent War

• Rigged Elections

• The Birth Year of the USA is Now 1619

• Biological Facts Are Illegal

• The Word "Peace" Is Now a Synonym for Riots

• All Major U.S. Corporations Pledge Fealty to a Militant Marxist Organization and Fire Their Employees If They Refuse to Do So

• The American Military Suspends All Operations Around the World So That All Service Members Can Learn New Pronouns

• Investigating Nazis in Eastern Europe is Cause for Presidential Impeachment

• The (Sitting) American President Is a Proven Chinese Communist Agent

• It Is Illegal to Say That Republicans Killed No One in D.C. on January 6th

• The Job of a Journalist is NOW INVERTED TO "Comforting the Already-Comfortable and Afflicting Further the Already-Afflicted"

• Lying About Russia to Start a Nuclear War is OK if Done by the Right Political Party or News Outlet


Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.