The Case FOR and AGAINST the Impeachment of Donald Trump
By Vince Milum, J.D., MBA, CPCU, ARM

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April 16, 2018

The majority of this essay will focus on the case FOR Impeachment of Donald Trump but I will begin with the case AGAINST.
Most Democrats / Liberals / Progressives are CLUELESS about America's Capitalist system the system which bred Donald Trump and many / most Democratic Party leaders (who are NO LESS CORRUPT than Donald Trump).
Let's visit two video clips from the world of fiction that in many ways are the BEST representation of our Capitalist system ever presented to this author (Vince Milum) who has a law degree and an MBA and has worked extensively in the corporate world.
First is a clip from the movie "Network" that explains not only corporate reality but reality in general:


Next is a clip from the movie "Back to School" where a middle-aged businessman decides to get a college degree only to learn that his real-world experiences make him more knowledgeable than his economics professor.  Pay particular attention to the additional "costs" of operating a business (presumably in the New York City area) that the businessman-student points out but which completely elude the professor.  This is the world from which Donald Trump has been delivered to the American public.  It is the same world which Bill and Hillary Clinton have chosen to live in and it is the world (Wall Street) which bankrolls the Democratic Party (thus a factor that may weigh against the Democrats wanting to dive-in too-deep against Trump something to which I will further refer in my case FOR Impeachment).


Finally, with regard to the case FOR Impeachment, strong grounds for impeachment exist as a result of Donald Trump ordering multiple attacks against Syria (as well as an ongoing occupation) without a Congressional Declaration of War as mandated by the United States Constitution.  But, alas, Democrats want him to launch an even MORE aggressive war against Syria (and against Russia) so this is a non-starter for impeachment purposes.

Keeping with the above motion picture theme, it is important to point out that the possible impeachment of Donald Trump (likely) hinges on one linchpin figure Michael Cohen a man billed as "Donald Trump's Personal Attorney" but, for those more wise about the world, he is (in effect) Trump's "Consigliere."

Here is Wikipedia on the subject:


Now let's visit the case FOR Impeachment...

As I have pointed out, the CORRUPT DEMOCRATIC PARTY is unqualified to impeach Donald Trump.  Therefore, I will play Arthur Kirkland (see the following video) and as Trump's Defense Attorney (see above case AGAINST Impeachment) I will now plead the COMPETENT case that Trump's enemies are unable and unqualified to deliver.  Let me begin by refreshing everyone's recollection as to who (the fictional) Arthur Kirkland was (as played by Al Pacino):


Having established my dual role as defender and prosecutor of Donald Trump (and why I must play both roles) let us look in-depth at the role of "Donald Trump's Personal Attorney," Michael Cohen who is (as I have said) in effect Trump's "Consigliere."  Let us begin with an email I sent out the evening of the latest attack on Syria...

(1) Read these three tweets by Vince Milum:


(2) If you didn't bother to read the above-linked article (embedded within the first tweet), you are an idiot and deserve the government you get.  If you did then you now know:

(a) why the FBI raided the office, home, hotel room, and safety deposit box of Trump's personal lawyer

(b) why Trump felt compelled to launch the US attack on Syria PRIOR to the OPCW international inspectors beginning their work (who were due to begin their inspections moments before Trump launched his attack)

(c) that, with the Trump team having (likely) lied about his lawyer's trip to Prague and meeting with Russian leaders, there is now a significantly increased likelihood that Trump did indeed cavort with prostitutes in Moscow and that Russian leaders / intelligence have videos as proof

(d) that if the so-called "pee-pee tape"* exists (as appears much more likely now) (*i.e., where Trump purportedly paid prostitutes to urinate on his bed), one would have a difficult time foreseeing Trump remaining in office and running for re-election

(3) Russia alleges that the purported chemical poisoning (which triggered the US attack) was, in fact, staged.  To bolster its case, Russia has produced video testimony from one of the attending medical professionals who was on the scene at the time (and whose presence can be detected in videos shown on Western media to "prove" the attack).

In his testimony, he details how the event was allegedly staged.

I take no position as to the veracity of the videos or the rebuttal testimony but I am willing to bet none of you know about this rebuttal.  Further, I am willing to bet that (virtually) none of you know aboout the role of British and American intelligence agencies in helping to coordinate the propaganda campaigns of the Al Qaeda affiliates in Syria.  (Yes, you read that right we are supporting Al Qaeda affiliates in their attempt to overthrow an Arab government that protects Christians and other religious minorities.)

To learn more, revisit the video of Lee Camp and Max Blumenthal linked in the third tweet above.

Since the above post was written, two important developments have occurred with regard to Mister Cohen (i.e., Trump's "Fixer") both of which were originally published by The Wall Street Journal a publication known to be generally favorable to Trump.  Because the Journal is behind a "paywall," I am linking to a discussion of these two developments in separate articles in "The Hill," another entity known to be generally favorable to Trump.  Here are their titles and hyperlinks:

Cohen used same company to make payments to two women

Cohen got Us Weekly to kill story about alleged Trump Jr. affair

Supplementing the above "free" articles is this from Wikipedia which includes additional information from the WSJ article:

Elliott Broidy is an American venture capitalist. From 2005 to 2008 he was finance chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC). In 2017 he was named a deputy finance chairman of the RNC. He resigned from this role in April 2018 after the Wall Street Journal reported that Broidy had a sexual affair with a Playboy Playmate which resulted in a pregnancy that she terminated, and that Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's personal lawyer who is under investigation for bank fraud, wire fraud and campaign finance violations, arranged a payment of $1.6 million in hush money to the woman involved.


On April 13, 2018, The Wall Street Journal reported that Broidy, who was married at the time, had a sexual relationship with a Playboy Playmate, resulting in a pregnancy in late 2017. The article stated that the model later aborted the pregnancy. President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, later negotiated a deal to pay $1.6 million for the woman's silence. The settlement was falsely characterized at the time as a personal injury settlement. Broidy resigned his post at the RNC the same day the article appeared.


In toto, these allegations suggest the existence of a front company to channel funds involved in possible sex crimes (as well as possible bribery and / or extortion) but, in some regards more importantly, also tax evasion by multiple parties.  This begs a few questions:

(a) Did Cohen accurately report these financial transactions to federal, state, and other taxing authorities?

(b) Did Elliott Broidy, in describing his payment to a Playboy model as a "personal injury settlement," seek a reduction in his federal income taxes (meaning that this payment was, in effect, underwritten by U.S. taxpayers)?

(c) To what extent do the possible improprieties of Mister Broidy extend to his work as finance chairman of the Republican National Committee and deputy finance chairman of the RNC?

(d) What role did Donald Trump play in protecting his son in this payoff operation and to what extent did he accurately report any financial transactions related to this scheme?

(e) Finally, what accountability does Donald Trump have as literally the "Don"* of this overall operational scheme?

We need answers to all of the above questions but, again, the criminally-corrupt Democratic Party is NOT the entity to be doing the inquiry.



Wikipedia Disclaimer by Vince Milum: I am well aware of the limitations of Wikipedia, however, I choose it as a reference source (when sharing articles with others in an informal / non-technical manner) because it is both free and readily accessible, thereby eliminating any unnecessary hardship for "non-insiders" to sufficiently grasp my writings without the need to resort to a system of over-technicalities of formal citation merely to convey a simple point.  When writing a more formal or academic piece, I assure you that I use more traditional reference sources and citation methods as is custom to whatever audience I may be writing for at that time.



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