Joe Biden, War Criminal
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The Manchurian Candidate, Joe Biden, is Proving to be the War Criminal I Told You He Would Be

By Vince Milum, J.D., MBA, CPCU
May 16, 2021

PREFACE: I am a Registered Political "Independent" and I did not vote for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden in November 2020. (In fact, I wrote-in Tulsi Gabbard for U.S. President.)

Prominent Warmongers within the U.S. Democrat Party, U.S. Media, "Big Tech," "Military-Industrial-Complex," and many Republicans conspired in 2020 to guarantee that a War Criminal would be elected President and that he would facilitate their Genocidal Fantasies. Of all the Democrats who ran for President in 2020, the one who best fit this profile was Joe Biden. The next-best-fit was Kamala Harris. And lo and behold, they became the Democrat ticket in 2020.

By greenlighting Israel's Genocide of Palestinians (and, previously, Syrians) Joe Biden is now proving to the world what I declared him to be before he was "selected" for President last year. That is, that he is a senile, draft-dodging, serial-plagiarizing, pathologically-lying, war criminal responsible for millions of deaths, and a pedophile-rapist who is responsible for at least one rape and dozens of physical assaults against young girls. He is also responsible for tens of thousands of (young) black men receiving long prison sentences for possessing crack cocaine (which Biden had written into federal law) but made damn-sure that his crackhead son (Hunter Biden) was never to be prosecuted for said crime.

Trump versus Biden: Who would have been better?

While Donald Trump's positions on World Affairs were not markedly better than Joe Biden's, Trump did have an adversarial press to keep him in check. The antithesis is true with Biden which is why his administration and Israel felt free so early in his administration to accelerate the genocide of Palestinians and Syrians (both Muslims and Christians in both instances).

With the preceding out-of-the-way, perhaps (finally) we can discuss the legitimacy of Biden's election "victory" in 2020...

Over 20 years later, the United States is still debating the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election and which of the two principal candidates – George Bush 2.0 and Al Gore – really won the Deciding State of Florida. And for over 20 years, only two men have told the truth: (the now-disgraced) Kevin Spacey and myself, Vince Milum. His conclusion and mine is simple and is follows: "The Margin of DIFFERENCE [between Bush and Gore] was LESS THAN the Margin of ERROR." In other words, it was a "statistical tie" and (because uncorrectible errors exceed the vote difference) there is no way to mathematically determine the "true" vote winner.

Fast forward to November 2020...

To put it mildly and simply, there were hundreds of "anomalies" in the November 2020 U.S. Presidential Election (principally) between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and the vast majority of those anomalies (if not nearly all) broke in Biden's favor. While this outcome is "theoretically possible," it is also highly unlikely. Had the election anomalies been (roughly) evenly distributed between Biden and Trump or, even, slightly in Biden's favor (as would be expected if one applied standard rules of probability which limit the number of "standard deviations" of possible outcomes) Trump, in all likelihood, would have been re-elected. To believe that Biden won the so-called "Battleground States" in 2020 is not to believe the Impossible but to believe the Improbable. And if Facebook, Twitter, Google and the U.S. Media wish to blacklist me for sharing this truth, they can shove it up their collective asses.

POSTSCRIPT: I would cite several of the anomalies in this article but to do so would mean I would be neglecting hundreds (if not thousands) of others. So, if you do not believe my invocation of hundreds of "anomalies" in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, I invite you to go to my Twitter feed to find dozens. But beware, you will have to navigate through thousands of my tweets where I have documented the willful and malfeasant LIES of the U.S. Media for the past decade. Here is the link to my Twitter Feed:


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