An Anti-Communist Apologizes to Karl Marx
By Vince Milum
, Copyright © 2021


PART I Preface

For over a decade, I led both a national and international organization that celebrated the defeat of Global Communism.

Now, however, I am compelled to "Wake Up, America!" to the fact that many of those who sided (during the Cold War) with the atrocities of Global Communism (particularly those of the Soviet Union and "Red" China) have come to power in America (and Western Europe) either directly or through their offspring.

One of the telling "signals" of this Globalist Ruling Class (that has arisen from the Ashes of Bolshevism) is their embrace of the term "Neo" – meaning "New" – to describe their takeover of both major streams of political power – i.e., both "liberal" and "conservative." This despicable group of characters is thus openly identified frequently as being either "neoliberal" or "neoconservative" in orientation – though they are neither. In fact, they openly reject and denounce all aspects of individual liberty and devout religious practice that made both "liberalism" and "conservatism" important aspects of Western Culture.

These "Neo" Creatures are the antithesis of American and Western Values, and we must fight back before it's too late.

PART II The Predicate

As someone who is considered by many to be well-versed in the History of Communism, I emphatically disagree with those (broadly) labelling America's Oligarchs as "Communists" without further amplification.

As evidenced by their firing American workers who are opposed to abortion (e.g., regarding vaccines with a link to aborted fetuses) America's CEOs have demonstrated themselves to be immoral bastards with no regard for the front-line men and women who work in America and pay the bills.

They are Evil Capitalists – not unlike the ones Karl Marx encountered and disparagingly wrote about. They are fully-informed fascists much more akin to Hitler than Marx. (The fact that the Immoral-Evil Democrat Party is now the political party of Corporate America speaks volumes.)

PART III Wake Up, America!

As an Anti-Communist (myself) it pains me to acknowledge that Karl Marx was more on-target than I was previously willing to give him credit for. In America today, the Centers of Power are NOT led by "Mensheviks" who shared Marx's concern for the Working Class but by a 2.0 Version of the Hitler-Stalin "Non-Aggression Agreement" wherein Bolsheviks (of a certain ethnicity) are aligned with Nazis (both of that ethnicity and not of that ethnicity). The ENEMY of this ruling class of Oligarchs are "The Workers"* and Devout Christians (particularly those in Eastern Europe and especially those who are Slavic in ethnicity).

*Remember the last lines of "The Communist Manifesto":

"Workers of the World Unite!"

Regrettably (as I wrote earlier) Marx was right then and he is right now.

The Global Capitalists are the problem – not the working class!!!!!


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