Executive Services



Let Vince Milum and his team of consulting specialists lead you into the rewarding world of Intelligent Living™.


Above: Vince Milum's Home Office as designed by the Milum Team
Below: Same office from a different vantage point

The Milum Design Team are well-versed in:

·  advancing technologies

·  contemporary (commercial and home) design paradigms

·  lifestyle optimization

·  international cultures

·  group dynamics

·  multi-sector intelligence


Above: The Milum Media Room as designed by the Milum Team

Among the Executive Consulting Services offered by the Milum Team are:

·  Facilitating Small and Large Group Discussions (particularly those involving complex issues and/or divergent viewpoints)

·  Building Custom Strategies to prevail in a competitive environment

·  Consulting on:

·  Technology (including Information Technology and Entertainment Systems)

·  Interior Design (including Lighting Systems and Small Office Design)

·  Navigating Our Diverse Cultural Landscape (including World Religions)


Below: An Interfaith Religious Program produced by the Milum Communications Group


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